Andrea Santilli

Andrea Santilli

PhD Student

Sapienza, University of Rome

Hi! I’m Andrea Santilli a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at GLADIA - Sapienza University of Rome, supervised by Prof. Emanuele Rodolà. Previously, I earned my master degree in Computer Science from Tor Vergata University with the thesis “Continual Language Learning with Syntax-based Episodic Memory in Neural Networks” which received the Emanuele Pianta award as the best master thesis in NLP by the Italian Association of Computational Linguistics (AILC). The thesis led to the publication KERMIT at EMNLP2020.

I’m a strong advocate of Open Source and Open Science initiatives, like Hugginface’s BigScience in which I co-authored different papers.

My research activity lies at the intersection of representation learning, machine intelligence and natural language understanding.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Representation Learning
  • Machine Intelligence