AVEN-GR: Attribute Value Extraction and Normalization using product GRaphs


Getting a good understanding of the user intent is vital for e-commerce applications to surface the right product to a given customer query. Query Understanding (QU) systems are essential for this purpose, and many e-commerce providers are working on complex solutions that need to be data efficient and able to capture early emerging market trends. Query Attribute Understanding (QAU) is a sub-component of QU that involves extracting named attributes from user queries and linking them to existing e-commerce entities such as brand, material, color, etc. While extracting named entities from text has been extensively explored in the literature, QAU requires specific attention due to the nature of the queries, which are often short, noisy, ambiguous, and constantly evolving. This paper makes three contributions to QAU. First, we propose a novel end-to-end approach that jointly solves Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Entity Linking (NEL) and enables open-world reasoning for QAU. Second, we introduce a novel method for utilizing product graphs to enhance the representation of query entities. Finally, we present a new dataset constructed from public sources that can be used to evaluate the performance of future QAU systems.

Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 5: Industry Track)
Donato Crisostomi
Donato Crisostomi
PhD Student

PhD student @ Sapienza, University of Rome | former Applied Science intern @ Amazon Search, Luxembourg | former Research Science intern @ Amazon Alexa, Turin