Intra-operative Update of Boundary Conditions for Patient-Specific Surgical Simulation


Patient-specific Biomechanical Models (PBMs) can enhance computer assisted surgical procedures with critical information. Although pre-operative data allow to parametrize such PBMs based on each patient’s properties, they are not able to fully characterize them. In particular, simulation boundary conditions cannot be determined from pre-operative modalities, but their correct definition is essential to improve the PBM predictive capability. In this work, we introduce a pipeline that provides an up-to-date estimate of boundary conditions, starting from the pre-operative model of patient anatomy and the displacement undergone by points visible from an intra-operative vision sensor. The presented pipeline is experimentally validated in realistic conditions on an ex vivo pararenal fat tissue manipulation. We demonstrate its capability to update a PBM reaching clinically acceptable performances, both in terms of accuracy and intra-operative time constraints.

Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2021
Riccardo Marin
Riccardo Marin
PostDoctoral Researcher