Antonio Norelli

Antonio Norelli


Sapienza, University of Rome

I am Antonio Norelli, a Computer Science PhD student at the Sapienza University of Rome working on AI and deep learning in the GLADIA research group, advised by Emanuele Rodolà.

Before joining the group, I studied physics (BSc), computer science (MSc), and pursued the SSAS interdisciplinary honors program. I worked as a remote Research Intern for Spiketrap (San Francisco, CA), and as an Applied Scientist Intern for the Amazon Lablet in Tübingen (Germany).

What makes us humans? I am interested in the intelligence that accounts for the difference existing between human beings and the other animals.

To me this gap is on par to the one between life and non-life and is the consequence of a fundamental property of nature, that should be understood in terms of information processing. Currently, I am persuaded that this intelligence coincides with our use of symbols, and that we shall model the mechanism through which humans link meaning to new signs. As when a scientist propose a new theory.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Language Emergence
  • Explanatory Learning
  • Artificial Scientific Discovery