Filippo Maggioli

Filippo Maggioli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sapienza, University of Rome

I am a Ph.D. student at Sapienza - University of Rome and I am part of the GLADIA research group, under the supervision of professor Emanuele Rodolà.

I am a Computer Graphics enthusiast, and this makes me love to explore any related field, from Geometry Processing to Procedural Shading. I strongly believe that knowledge is not modular and made of compartments, but instead that there exist many connections, not only between fields of the same area, but also between completely different disciplines. I put a lot of effort in finding these correlations and trying to make my works the most interdisciplinary as possible. For the same reason, I also like to span in other research areas in Computer Science. Other fields that fascinate me are Linear Algebra, Numerical Simulations and GPU Algorithms.

I am a staunch supporter of hardcore programming, and I like my code well organized and strongly optimized. I firmly believe in the open-source paradigm, and I like to contribute to the vast community whenever I can.

  • Geometry Processing
  • Procedural Computer Graphics
  • Numerical Simulations